Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

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Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by gomer » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:23 am

Thursday: Got up to the Jet about 2pm. Next ferry wasn't until 2:45 and so my buddy Zach and myself went over to the little pub right there and had a couple beers and some eats. Caught the ferry and headed straight to the PIB resort to meet our other 3 buddies that were doing the 3 night stay at PIB. They were already down at the pool so we got down there ASAP and hit the hot tub(the weather stunk) and a bunch more beers. While in there we met up with Melanies group of girls and also a group of guys from Indy that called themselves Cheersville. Pretty humourous guys and pretty wasted. They had been there since Monday I believe. They did cheers. We also met a group of older people that said they were there on business but pretty sure they were swingers. They all kept making out with each other. Pretty weird if they all work together. Hung at the pool and played some beer pong for awhile. Then grabbed the golf cart and went over to a couple of our buddies houses and then the chicken patio. After that myself and a couple buddies say we always have to a Fishbowl the first day so we went over there for one. Had one(they get worse every year) and no one was in there so hung with the bartender Fallon for a bit. She was real cool. Went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. Did some more drinking and partying with Melanie and her crew. Then headed to Mr Eds for the night. Pretty interesting band there that night. Did a lot of drinking with my crew. Saw Melanie and her friends on stage. Eventually went to the Brewery. The place was completely dead. Had a couple beers there and grabbed a pizza and called it a night at 2am

Friday: Woke up about 11 and headed straight to Subway and to eat at Mist. It is worth the hype. Very cool atmosphere. Lots of places to get brews and really nice "scenery". Went back to the hotel and headed to the bar to start drinking. We drank there all day waiting for our other 7 buddies to arrive. Met a bachelorette party from Dayton, all real cool girls. Eventually the rest of our crew showed up, plus all the guys from the bachelor party at the house that we were meeting up with. Went on to get extremely intoxicated with that group at the PIB Resort hotel(thanks Tammy and Eric). Went and got ready for the night and finally headed to the Rear Barrel patio to meet up with some buddies that went out before me. They had already met up with some interesting older women. Within 2 minutes that I was there 2 of them had their shirts lifted and were just walking around like that until security kicked them out. From there went back to the Fishbowl for a bit. Drank there and then my whole group left me there while I was talking to the bartender. As I was sitting there 2 guys asked me to do a shot with them. Don't remember either of their names but one was the guy that runs and one of the local singers that plays all over the island. Both real good guys. We did a couple shots and I was back on my way to the Brewery to end the night. Again it was real empty. I think Level 2 is taking their business. Hung there for a bit and kind of forgot what happened after that. All I know is I woke up in my buddies room rather then mine, not sure how i got there or what happened back at the hotel at all.

Saturday: Woke up at 8am miserable in the wrong room. Went and grabbed some Subway again around 10:30. Started drinking at the PIB resort pool again at like 12:30. Pool was packed and the same DJ we get hammered every year was there. Partied at the pool all day with the same group of guys that i came with and the bachelor party. Also a lot of beer pong being played in the pool. Couldn't go in the hot tub, lots of interesting guys dancing with each other in there. Didn't want any part of that. Did that til 5pm then had to get ready to go to the bachelor party festivities at our buddies house up there. Went over there at 6 rocking my Free Hugs tshirt(it was a hit all night, to many dude hugs though, lol). Played some cornhole, cooked out and drank more there. The 2 lady entertainers from Cbus showed up and put on one heck of a show and looked like they really enjoy their job. Headed to the Rear Barrel with everyone after all of that. Did some serious partying there. Then my buddy got us some VIP area at Level 2 so went there and brought a bunch of ladies up to party with us. Good times, not quite my scene but it was good. Headed to the Brewery for last call. Went back to the hotel, hosted a late night party, not sure who was in there but a bachelorette party wearing pink tank tops was. They were all fun. Went and passed out on my face in all of my clothes. Sunday: Woke up and hit the earliest jet possible. Miserable ride home. Took Monday off to recover. I LOVE THE BAY

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Re: Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by JodellandJon » Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:22 pm

Great trip report!! Sounds like you had a great time! :)
Married at the Bay in 2003!!!

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Re: Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by jimmythegerman » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:03 pm

Best trip report this year!! :shock:

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Re: Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by gomer » Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:20 am

I appreciate that buddy. This is year 6 of my annual trip with a group of buddies and the first time I have posted a trip report. I just wish we could get back up there a second time this year. There are talks of getting up there for Halloween.

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Re: Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by Mills » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:10 am

Good trip report brother!! Watch out for the swingers LOL!!

Halloween is a great time, there will be some amazing costumes for sure!! :shock:
Mills, from Cincinnati

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Re: Trip Report June 11-14--A Bit Hazy

Post by missnthebay » Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:59 pm

Nice TP I am not sure how we did not cross paths.

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