Trip Report - Christmas in July 2008

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Trip Report - Christmas in July 2008

Post by WCM » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:26 pm

Saw Bryan's trip report, figured I was bored at work - might as well write my own!

Got to the Miller dock Friday around 6:30 - they were running 3 boats so I think my wife and I caught like a 6:40 boat. Got home, dropped our dogs (Buster and Dailey) off and went to meet my parents at High Tide, the new outdoor bar by Axyl & Harry's. I like that place - it's a great alternative to the Boardwalk for lakefront drinking, and a little bit away from the crowd.

Next thing I know its 10pm - and my parents are still out...shocking for them! My parent shead home, we leave and start walking along the park - it was my first look at town and you could tell it was pretty ridiculous. It almost seemed people were partying in the park...It think some of them probably were since I saw a few get arrested! We then make it to the Fishbowl. They've been having a guitar player there at night (9-12 I think?) so that's been a bit of a change, but this guy was good...good crowd interaction - even got a couple of girls to make out on the "dance floor"...

We make it to the Brewery for 1 or 2, but we were tired and hungry so we hit up Cameo's then head home.

Saturday we woke up, my mom made breakfast, and we took the Noon Jet to Kelley's. It was Island Fest over there so it was pretty crowded, but still not anything like PIB. We ran into a few people we know from PIB over there - got a perch basket, brandy alexanders, and stormclouds at The Pump, then went to Bag the Moon for Strawberry Shots and a few beers. Then over to the Pump where I was heckled by Chicago, then we caught the 5:20 jet back to PIB.

After a quick stop home to walk the dogs, we went back to town and I guess I wasn't quite drunk enough to put up with the crowd so we called some people and went over to their house for a party. Played some ping pong and pool, then headed back to town feeling pretty blasted around 11:30. Back to the Fishbowl, got a nice game of Thumper going, had a few more shots, closed the place down, and decided as we're pushing on hour 14 of drinking that was probably enough for one day :)

Woke up Sunday around Noon, went to the BW for lunch, walked around town for a bit, went home and got caught watching Ghostbusters..."HEY look - do you smell that?" (great line). Then went down to the softball field for the continuation of our rain out game against Mr. Eds. We were already up 12-0 so it was quick. Had a bunch of beers at the field while watching the second game; got a couple of brats from the fire station guys (best deal on the Island), then went to Rita's for some Sloppy Jose's, more beers, then realized it was getting late and we had to head out early Monday morning.

Sunday's on PIB are always the best - get to hear everyone's story about their weekend. It's like a live in person trip report!

Leaving here in about 2 hours to head back up to the Bay...only a few more weeks of summer left!

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