X-mas in July 2008

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X-mas in July 2008

Post by Bryan » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:13 pm

Time for another trip report!

This was my first time to the bay for X-mas, oh my what a party it was! :shock:
Due to work I couldn't leave for PIB till 8pm on Friday so after hiting up the boat we were on our way to Port Clinton. Got into PC 3 hours later, got a few last minute things at Wal-Mart and called it a night. Next morning we launched the boat at the public dock in Port Clinton and motored our way to PIB. Entering the bay we see A dock is slammed, dock master tells us to wait for a bit and see if he can come up with anything. A few minutes later a guy boats past and says he just opened up a spot on B dock, so in we go! Talk about luck and being in the right spot at the right time!!
I figure we got the boat secured around noon, by 1pm we had ordered a pizza from Cameo's and I walked to the store by the Board Walk to get beer and ice.
Some time around 3 or so Mills and Katie stop by the boat for drinks and bombs, then chucksberg joined us shortly after. Mills & Katie then left for a bit to get some champagne and OJ to make memossa (I think thats what they were called). Never had one before, they were pretty good and I know I drank enough OJ that I dont have to worry about getting scurvy for a long time! :lol:
Next thing I remember is all of us walked to A dock and enjoyed several adult beverages on Chucks boat. After a couple of hours we went to Tonys Place and had a beer. Next thing I know Mills aint feeling so good, so he and Katie call it a night. Jennifer and I go back to the boat I got totally plastered on the 12 pack of Bud Light and God knows how many berry, cherry, Jager bomb, Jell-O shots, memossas I had.
Some dude was on a tube and paddled to our boat for a drink, then got back in the water and paddled to another boat to repeat! :lol:
This was really cool...I had a 12 inch flouresent light under the canvas cover to light up the deck of the boat, a good amount of light also hit the surface of the water. Where the light was shining on the water there were THOUSANDS of little minnows! Amazing!
Seeing all of the little fish must have made me hungry, so off we go to the "Seagull Shack" (AKA the Chicken Pit :D ), after another sampling of the best chicken I have ever had we call it a night.

Next morning we bail out at around 11:30, head to Middle Bass to check out the house, talk to the neighbors, ect. Got the boat loaded up around 5 and home by 8pm.

What a weekend!

Here is B dock, you can see how packed it was!

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