June 21st RIB burn off trip report

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June 21st RIB burn off trip report

Post by Bryan » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:06 pm

Well if there is anything I have learned from this trip, that is NOT to take three teenage girls all at once! Two isn't bad, I thought three couldn't be that difficult...man was I wrong! I was about to pull my hair out by the end of the day!! :lol:

Anyway...here is the rundown:
The day started pretty normal, up early, hopped in the shower and made a bee line to the airport with three kids already hungry and wanting food. At the airport I checked the weather radar and noted a small (at the time!!) storm around South Bend Indiana, nothing major so off we go. At 3500 feet the air was smooth as silk so I leveled off and was making 140-145 mph, the trip lasted an hour and three minutes.
At the island we got our cart and cruised for a bit, ordered a pizza from Cameo's, then located a friends 24 foot Baja on A dock. The kids dined on pizza while sitting in the sun on the back of the Baja, a first for them all.
I let the kids loose on their own to check out some of the tourist things, ie vistor center, monument, shops, ect. That gave me some time to tear up some ribs at the burn off so the two friends with the Baja and myself headed tot he Sky Way.
Man-O-Man, I am a rib fanatic so I was in heaven at the burn off, some go for football...I go for the RIBS!!! I sampled them all, I have to say my favorite was the Boathouse, a VERY close second was the Sky Way.

About the time we were finnishing up with ribs the first wave of the monsoon hit, my daughter called and said she and the other two were fine indoors at some shop.
Pretty much the next couple of hours was spent on the boat waiting for the storm to pass, the girls took a nap in the cabin and I shot the bull with the guys.
About 6pm the storm had finally passed and I took the girls to Dairy Queen for some supper. After that we drove around looking at some of the storm damage, just some flooding and branches mostly, we did see a very large tree that had split in half near the fish hatchery.

We left around 8:45 pm and flew over MBI and NBI for some pictures, then pointed the plane towards home, touching down after dark around 10 pm.

A full day at the bay and not one drop of beer! :shock: I guess I'll have to make up for that on the 28th-29th weekend trip! :lol: Any one going up that weekend?

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