June 12-15

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June 12-15

Post by Mills » Sat Jun 21, 2008 8:59 am

Katie, Mike, and I left Cincinnati at 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning and caught the 9:00 a.m. Miller ferry. Took the car across and parked at the Commodore and went straight to Frosty's for breakfast and of course bloody mary's to get the weekend started :D After this we decided to break tradition and go visit the monument (my 1st time ever going to the top) and take some cool pics!! It is amazing I have been coming to the Bay for 10 years and was my 1st time LOL!! Next we went to Mr.Ed's tiki and had a couple drinks with Jer Ber & Jeremy then checked in the Commodore. Then we went over to S-plash for a couple drinks since the water seemed fresh and may be the last time this summer for that :shock: Then it was off to the P-irate ship bar for frozen drinks from a nice new bartender named Jesse! Back to the tiki where me met up with our 4th member of the room kindy who was frantically looking for us everywhere. While back at the hotel we added our neighbors 2 girls named Kelly & Julie to our group :lol: From there we went to watch the Menu's play and ran into Don and met chucksberg at the show! Then it was off to late night at Mr. Ed's to see our favorite bartenders Pete, Chris, Jon, and Jer Ber!! Don't really remember going to bed???

Friday woke up & went straight to Frosty's for more bloody mary's and breakfast. After a shower the crew then headed to A dock to party with Don and chucksberg on their boats. While there we met Tim and Jimmi from the Menu's and had a great time sharing funny stories on Chuck's boat :shock: :D Next we went to the Put-In-Bay Resort to check out their sweet hot tub!! Now this is where the fun started around 4:00 dark clouds rolled in so we took cover at the Gazeebo bar where we kept the party going with Westside Steve!! Now when I say it was raining I mean it was raining sideways :shock: One of the best quotes came from kindy after the bartender asked if we wanted another round? "We are not leaving this bar until they start pairing up animals"!!!! After the rain slowed down we decided it was time for chow so we hit Oddfellows bar and grill after a slight detour to buy a t-shirt at Mr. Ed's since I was shirtless from taking refuge at the Gazeebo. After a mini nap we decided to go watch our new friends the Menu's again. Had many many margarita's with Chuck and the Saloon!! After the show we went to........ yep you guessed it Mr. Ed's where we met up with Tim & Jimmi. After breaking down the dance floor we went to a late night party at a house on the Island. This house had a full stocked bar with a DJ booth, big screens, air hockey, and yes a stripper pole!!!! The only thing missing was a midget and a monkey LOL :shock: At one point I was working it on the stripper pole when Jimmi decided to knock me clean off and I landed off the stage on my back :? We had a good laugh and decided to play some air hockey and mini shuffleboard. I look over and see an un-named girl playing topless air hockey :P After a little mototboating by the topless air hockey player on another chick with DDDD boobs we took a cab back and hit the sack, WHEW what a night to say the least!!!!

We woke up Saturday and decided it was going to be hard to top the day/night before but we were up to the task :) It was lunch at the Boathouse to get the stomach right! Hit Mr. Ed's tiki to shoot the sh*t with Tiny and Ed before the board meeting at 2:00. Around 2:30 Taz showed up at the same time as Bryan. The board meeting started with some drinks and a shot and it was on!!! Also met Bryan's wife Jennifer shortly later, but unfortunately they had to meet with their contractor at the Roundhouse :cry: Good news is they are breaking ground on their sweet house on Middle Bass :lol: Next we went to S-plash to meet up with Jimmi. Don't worry we did not get in the water, just drank behind the bar with a band called Toast N Jam from Canada. One guy with the band looked eerily just like me maybe a tad shorter was the only difference! He had kindy turning his head in confusion LOL!! Cool guys so I decided to get everyone a banana frozen frink topped with Makers made specially from our favorite S-plash bartender Jesse :D Jimmi turned in around 5:30 for a nap so he had a voice for the show. After a couple more rounds Mike, Katie, and I hit Cameo's pizza for much needed reinforcements :? Back to the Commodore where we got ready for the night and listened to story after story from kindy who had us all in tears :D :o We for the 3rd straight night went to watch the Menu's. In the middle of the show Jimmi handed me a cup/handle of Jager to share with the group!!! If you can guess the next move you win a prize as we went to Ed's to close the bar down as usual. Had a shot with Jeremy :) As we were closing Jimmi said lets go back to that house again, we jumped in 2 cabs and were on our way. Shortly after arrival the owner came out and asked in a very nice way :shock: that we leave as there was no late night partying tonight :cry: So we went back to the Commodore and hit Subway and called it a weekend 8)

Till the next trip............. :wink:
Mills, from Cincinnati

If life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, then let's all get wasted together and have the time of our lives!!!!

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