Memorial Day 2008

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Memorial Day 2008

Post by Mister Kay » Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:59 pm

So better late then never.

Started the weekend by taking my boat from Harrison Township where I live, to St. Clair Shores, where the 2 other boats were leaving from. Got up at 6am Saturday and loaded up my friends and all of their crap and were under way by 6:40am.

We had 6 on our boat, 6 on another boat, and 2 on another. The ride down was nice, made it to Ecorse by about 9 or so.

Then made it to the Bay before 11am. It was hot and we partied on the boats and made some burgers and dogs on my new grill. Stayed at the boats until about 3. Then started making the rounds to the bars, hit up the fish bowl, Mr. Eds, Boathouse, and the Boardwalk.

Then we came back to the boat and changed and relaxed. Bryan and his wife came to visit and I had a good time visiting with them, we shared some drinks and some stories. Then I headed out to meet up with everyone at the many bars we stopped at. Had a great time and almost made it to the brewery to dance at 12:30 but I had nothing left in the tank, I am almost 30, can't hang like the younger guys or the older guys. Talked to Mills about that, younger guys can naturally go longer as they are young, older know how to pace themselves and make it the night. I am too young to pace and too old to have 14 hours of drinking in me. :)

Next day got up and had mamossas and bloody marys, had a few beers and then it was off to golf cart day. Rented 2 carts and went to Joes, the Skyway, and of course the winery where we played some flippy cup.
Also stopped at the DQ for some corndogs, and had a sloppy joe at Joe's which are really good.

Then back to the boat to relax and then off to the bars again for a night of debauchury. Tried to go to all bars with outside areas so I could smoke.

Had a great time and once again didn't make it until 12:30 to dance at the brewery. :(

So headed back to the boat and went to sleep. I wanted to let my buddy and his girl have some time alone so I just went to sleep on the back deck, luckily the people on the other boats we were with woke me up before the rain hit at 5am. I am a heavy sleeper and would have slept until it started pouring. The rain didn't last long and other than that it was sunny and 80 the whole weekend, the best weather for memorial day the last 6 years.

The next day woke with mamossas and a few beers and made the nice trip home. Dropped everyone back off in st. clair shores and took the boat back home to Captain Matt's place by myself. Had a beer with him and then hit the bar for the Piston's game.

So, here are the two funny stories.

First, I have a/c on the boat, but I don't use it much as I need to be plugged into 30 amp and it needs to be really hot, which on the water it really isn't that bad. So I am going to run my bilge pump in the morning and I can't figure out why it won't stop pumping water, I think I am sinking or something, but the bilge doesn't look that bad. We'll, my buddy comes back from a shower and shuts off the a/c and it stops, I didn't know that the a/c is pumping water throught the bilge hole. So, 5 of us are members of the US Power Squadron, so I have been taking a little heat for that for the last few weeks.

Next story, one of my friends who came is from Chicago, and his girlfriend is from Texas. (they met on st. pattys day in Chi town) So needless to say they don't see eachother much. So I come back to the boat one night and two of the girls are sleeping in the v-bunks and I go down to use the bathroom on the boat, I open the door and there is my buddy and his girlfriend going at it in the head. I can barely fit into there to shower, they were some freakin contortionist. :lol:

So all and all it was a great weekend, good to meet Bryan and make another friend from PIB. Unfortunately I didn't run into any old friends there, but hopefully I will be back again this long as gas prices don't go up too much more.

-Mister Kay

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