May 9th trip

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May 9th trip

Post by Steph » Sun May 18, 2008 11:16 pm

Made the first of my 2 annual trips to the Bay the weekend of May 9th - 11th with my friend G, and FH (Freakin Hot, a fellow poster on this site) and FH's +1.

Here's my story...

Friday - G and I caught the 1:30 ferry and we were at the RoundHouse drinking a bucket by 2:00! Now, the RoundHouse is always my first visit cause there's nothing that says summer is almost here then catching a Mad Dog show!! By 3:00 we were starting our 2nd bucket and it was around this time the FH and +1 showed up... Sometime before or around 4:00 bucket number 3 was bought. Good, um, ok, or at least I think it was good times. See, first off I enjoy beer, but I sure don't drink like I used to, ok, so basically what I'm saying is that my last memory of Friday night was looking at the clock and seeing that it was 4:30 and Mad Dog was on a break. Yup, I started drinking at 2:00 and 4:30 is my last memory of the night...

Saturday - My next memory is waking up at sometime on Saturday and getting out of bed and noticing that the entire carpet was soaking wet, I went into the bathroom and there's probably about an inch of water on the floor and water coming from the back of the toilet where the tank lid was off kilter. yeah, don't ask what seriously, I have no idea what went on!!! Sometime around 7:00 am I re-awoke to G asking me why the floor is wet, I rolled over in bed to tell him I have no idea when there's a shooting pain in my left shoulder and suddenly I notice that my shoulder up through my neck is really really REALLY sore!! I asked G, "what the heck hit me last night" which he replied "a bike rack". HUH?!?

G and I headed to breakfast around 10:00 and then for a short walk to help me get some fresh air. While out walking we ran into FH and +1 and aparently at some point after 4:30 on Friday I was on stage with Mad Dog and shots followed and G and I left the RoundHouse around 5:30. I still have no idea how I flooded the bathroom and part of the hotel room...and I'm not sure I want to know those details, lol.

The rest of Saturday was fairly quiet, tried getting the drink on but between the pain in my shoulder and jaw and an un-easy stomach excess drinking was just not in the cards.

Headed home Sunday to get some laundry done and pack my bags for Las Vegas...

This may have set an all time new pass-out time for me, but I think I had a great time!!

Only at the BAY!!

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