Christmas in July!

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Christmas in July!

Post by Bullette » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:41 am

Wow... That is pretty much what sums up the day! Well, that and I really have Bay Fever really really bad. It took us a long time to get up there, but we made it, and I even think Capt. Matt may have seen me, but I'm not sure.

We started out at my house at around 11a. Lisa showed up somewhat frazzled and relieved. She had been run off the road near the exit on the freeway to my house. She was freaked out, but thankful that nothing had gone wrong. I was ready to get going, but needed some food for sure. With me trying to eat a bit healthy, I just HAD to stop to subway. I got back in the car, and as cliche as this is, her car wouldn't start. We are in total disbelief as we sit there, waiting to get to the bay. A tow to my house, a switch of cars, and a half a tank of gas later, we are on the way. Cruising along, making great time. Thinking we are getting the 230 jet over to the island just in time (or 2 hours late!) for the board meeting. As we drive by the jet parking lot, it's completely packed, and the line is out the wazoo.. OK.. We can handle this. After finally finding parking (when did they start charging for the back parking lot?) and putting up with some smart a$$ kid who thinks he knew everything, we are out of the car and walking towards the bay. All Lisa talks about at this point is getting her lemonade.

People are walking towards us asking for a refund at the parking lot... I was wondering what was up. We keep walking and passing a few people headed the wrong way! Finally, we are up to the lines, and we hear people b*tch*ng up a storm about departure times. Turns out, the Jet just before us had run into the dock, and was no longer running. We were on the 5p jet with a return time of 1245. ARE YOU KIDDING ME... more talks of lemonade and how nothing will stop us from getting there. A few drinks for lisa, and a walk around to the area bars and 3 (YES 3) Jets later, we are on our way. FINALLY! The lemonade talk increases and we finally dock. We get off at 615... thirsty and hungry, we head over and both get a lemonade... DAmn.. Now I know why she was so anxious for it...

While at the gazebo, we met these really cool guys in the middle of their 2 day bachelor party. We partied it up with them all night, hitting many different bars. We had a few lemonades in a few minutes, and headed off to the fishbowl. One of the guys was showing just how sexy he was and pulled his shorts down and was dancing around. He was actually told to keep his pants on while at the bar. It was so funny. We kept saying that we were going to head to the docks, but we kept getting more drinks in hand, and soon enough, we were at another bar drinking, eating and dancing up a storm! We were having a blast hanging out with these guys the whole night. I lost Lisa a few times, but found her hanging out on a park bench talking to a new friend!

Of course, before we knew it, it was near time to head back to the Jet. I loaded up on waters for everyone in the group and we made our way over. After a rousing game of "lets make fun of Nancy" (I some how picked up a few new nicknames!) we were loaded onto the jet. My big fear was that someone was going to throw up on me. Thank god it wasn't on our jet. I did find out that the pukers were on the one that followed with the guys from the bachelor party. Lisa and I sat over on the mainland for a little bit trying to catch our composure back up for a long ride home! I got a large cup of coffee from one of the workers at the jet. What an awesome thing to do! There was a guy wandering around there that just didn't want to stop the party. A few cops drove by and about a half hour later, we were on our way out. We stopped to the only open gas station and grabbed more coffee. This will turn out to be my biggest mistake of the night.

Route 2 was never going to end. I felt like I was driving in a tunnel since there are no street lights until you are right near Cleveland. Lisa nearly made me veer off the road with the amusing comments for the last part of the drive. One rest stop and another 50 miles and we are finally back to my house at 430a. I thought we would never make it. I set her up on the couch and crawl into bed... I don't think the laughter stopped until about 515. We replayed many of the nights events back over and over. She swears that she's missed every board meeting ever known to man. I just hoped that we were actually spotted on the island to prove we were there! All of that coffee that I had has finally kicked in, and I have a very broken 2 hour nap. 8a rolls right around and we are back up with coffee and a car that still won't start.... With all of the fun, we kind of forgot about it.

All morning, my neighbors had all come over trying to fix her car... Nothing worked. We hit Mcdonalds, picked up my dog and ran to walmart trying just to kill time. By about noon, the both of us were ready to die. She tried to nap on my couch while I sat out back with the dog. She came out with her shoes in her hand telling me she wanted to burn them! FInally, some good news... Her husband and friend had shown up with the flat bed truck to take her back to Erie! I was hitting crash and burn as all of the excitement was leaving my house. I hit the pillow, and still highly caffeinated, I took another very broken up nap with the dog. I hit the store and mowed my lawn, and gave up my 3 mile run (I swear I'll go tonight!). I think I went to bed around 930, and still couldn't fall asleep from all of the coffee that was flowing through me.

We are talking abut going up for New Years for another day trip! I do know that we will definitely be there again next year for another Xmas. Hopefully, that trip will go a lot smoother than Saturdays did. I still can't stop laughing about the whole weekend. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time! I hope everyone else had a great time, and hopefully, we can meet you one year!
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