Half A$$ trip report June 13-17th

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Half A$$ trip report June 13-17th

Postby funboy2121 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:22 am

Well this is my third time writing this trip report, and it will be short because I'm pissed that twice I took a lot of time on writing them, and they disappeared when I was done. Plus the fact that now it is two weeks later.
I'll only give the funny things.....................................
Fished & got drunk again! The funny story on this day was that I thought I would be nice and get sandwiches for fishing on Friday, so I went to Subway at about 11:00pm and grabbed 6 sandwiches for our boat.Well in our house there was 12 of us( 2 boats for fishing), and apparently I wasn't the only nice guy because when I woke up in the morning there were about 40 sandwiches in the fridge because about 5 other people thought the same way!
Fished & got drunk twice(because I napped after fishing)
Spent a lot of time at the Round bar because the band was good, and a lot of people! At the end of the night I called a Taxi, and when she came to pick me up there were other people in the bus, so she takes me home, and i get out to find one of my friends in the front seat! He had been driving around with her for an hour hitting on her. She told me to take him.
This was the best day because it is the day when we rent golf carts ,and tour the island.(Pub Crawl)First we go to Frosty's,but I was pissed to find out that my drink is gone.NO MORE FUNBOY FROSTYS! ( Yes Mills GONE)
Next to the whinery for a couple of bottles, and then our next stop is usually Joe's, but upon arrival I found out that one of my friends got kicked out the night before for puking on his porch! Anyway after a couple more stops, I knew I had to meet for the Board meeting. I was to meet up at the pool with Taz, Katrinka, and Cindy.........
Finally I heard someone ask if I was Funboy, and there was Katrinka. So we talked and had some shots( I'm paralized at this point) All of a sudden a guy comes up and offers me a beer! Well it wasn't in a glass, but it was in his prostetic leg...............................
SO I DRANK IT, and a couple of minutes later I ran for the bathroom to puke, and the bouncers came and told me I had to go! Yes I got kicked out! But just for the record, I don't think I puked because of the prostetic leg, I think it was the warm beer!
So I didn't get to really say goodbye to Katrinka, but I apologized to her already. Cool girl who could drink!
I was in just about every bar after that sucking down more shots when all of a sudden.......................................................
I woke up Sunday morning and had to drive 5 hours back to Chicago with a pounding headache!
GOOD TIMES! at least thats what my friends told me!
Sorry about the half a$$ report!

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