Belated Trip Report June 13-17

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Belated Trip Report June 13-17

Postby funboy2121 » Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:38 am

Sorry so late, but I was pi$$ed because I took over an hour to write a report, and lost it because my sign in expired.
Well it may not be as good as the original, but I'll try!
Arrived at about 2:00 on Wednesday afternoon,and began drinking heavily at the boathouse, of course after settling in at our house! We basicly went from bar to bar, but on Wednesday afternoon nothing was really happening! I wanted to do myself in early because of fishing the next day, so of course the shots started running,and before I knew it.......
I woke up at 5:30am to get the other guys up for fishing on Thursday. We started out on the boat at about 6:30am, and my first Corona was open at 6:35am. After 8 or 9 hours of drinking & fishing we headed to the boardwalk with our Captain for a couple of beers. About 2 hours later I figured out that either I could go take a nap or just stay out till i fell........
So off to the Round bar I went where once again the shots started, but being the leveled headed guy I am, I knew that when I was $hitfaceed that I had to go to subway, and grab sandwiches for the boat trip the next day of fishing. So at about 11:00 or so I stumbled to subway and got 6 sandwiches for me and the rest of my boat( just so you know, there was twelve of us, Two boats).....................................
When I woke up in the morning to go fishing again, I went to get the beer and sandwiches out of the fridge for the cooler,and discovered that there were about 24 sandwiches because 4 other people though they would be nice :roll:
Anyway, we went fishing again, and I drank Corona again, and we stopped back at the Boardwalk again with the Captain! But I knew better than to stay out this time, so I went back to the house and napped for a long Friday night.
We pretty much stuck around the Round bar! There was a good band, and a good crowd!Well it started to get late,and the shots of Jagar were coming and coming. I catch a Taxi sometime around 1:00am,and she takes me back to the house. There were a couple of guys in the Taxi also. When I got to the house, I got out and noticed my buddy was in the passenger seat the whole time. The driver said he had to go because he was driving around with her for an hour,hitting on her! I helped him out and .......................................
I woke up at about 9:00am and went to Frosty's( thats pretty late for me)for my favorite drink! I had a smile from ear to ear, when I dicovered........................
They don't have my favorite drink anymore :x Mills, I was so mad that I asked for the manager! He was an a$$ because I was just kidding, but he wouldn't play!
It now was time for the Golfcart part of the event. So we went got the carts and headed to the Whinery for a couple of bottles of wine! Then we were on our way to our normal next stop, Joe's, but on the way, One of the guys said they got kicked out the night before, for throwing up on the porch.
So we went to the Gazebo, where I wore my Pope hat again, and was starting to get pretty drunk.
I knew that I had a board meeting at the pool, so I grabbed a couple of guys, and headed over to meet Taz, Katrinka, and Cindy!
Taz not there!
Cindy not there!
I was sitting down having a beer at the bar when I heard a voice ask if I was Funboy, and it was Katrinka. So we did some shots, and talked for a while. I getting drunker now!
All of a sudden a guy hands me his Prostetic Leg, fills it up with beer, and says drink!
I drank it,and shortly after I was in the bathroom puking in the garbage can. The bouncers came in and told me I had to leave. I pleaded that I at least made it to the garbage, but I had to go! ( Just for the record! I don't think i puked because of the leg thing, I think it was because I was wasted!
Anyway, I apologized to Katrinka for not being able to say goodbye in funboy fashion, but we had fun!
I went from bar to bar the rest of the night doing shots like they were going to run out of them Then all of a sudden..................................................
I woke up on Sunday with a major headache,and had to sit in the car for 5 hours all the way back to Chicago!
But all in all, my friends told me I had a good time!
Hope you enjoyed my story because I enjoyed making it!

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