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Postby Taz » Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:53 am

Since I got drafted to work on Saturday and Sunday I decided to head up to the Bay on Friday and wing it.

TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!! I knew it was gonna be bad when the Jet parking lot was empty.

I arrived on the island around 11 am, took a quick walk thru Frostys and Eds, then headed over to Mr Ed's pool and Tiki Bar. Couldn't find ya Funboy, so I went to Splash. The Pools were very quite, ran into a few of my friends and hung with them all day. Glad they were there because, not a lot was happening, crowd was small and total sausage fest!

After leaving the pools and cleaning up we headed out, the Docks were empty, Eds was a ghost town, Round House had a nice crowd, Rear barrel was quite, but their Patio had a nice crowd. Ended up at The Boat House to see Patty, they had a decent crowd, but over all I'd say the crowds were small and dudes out numbered girls about 50 to 1.

The Mayflies were TERRIBLE!!

I found a new "friend" and was gonna stay the night at her place, but decided against it, so I caught the Midnight jet back to Post Clinton. To top off the bad experience I had some drunk F#$% from Cincinnati, Sorry Mills, giving me crap about my Browns jersey, while waiting under the pavillion waiting for the Jet, almost came to a major brawl, people had to seperate us! Then he started with some other dude on the jet. It was pretty ugly.

So there you have it folks, hopefully saturday will be better for the Bay.

I have to say one of my WORST PIB experiences EVER!
It happened at the bay, and man, I can't even remember her name!!!!!!!!!

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