Memorial Weekend Trip Report:

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Memorial Weekend Trip Report:

Postby Taz » Mon May 28, 2007 3:23 pm

Sorry it took so long to post my report guys but It's been a long, hard, drunken weekend. Thursday night I went out with some friends and closed the local pub, Friday morning got up at 6am and drove an hour and a half to Sandusky / Bellevue for my weapons qualification. Shot 296 out of 300, not bad considering the hangover I was fighting! :oops: Finished at 1:30, and headed to the Bay, caught the 2:45 Jet Express and made it to "A" dock around 3:15. Spent the afternoon hanging with Paul, Don, Stu and his woman, Mike, and a couple of Canadians two boats down. Great time guys! We headed into town at some point, things get hazy right about now, I remember heading to some bars, doing shots and beers, then I think I lost Paul and the other guys. Next thing I know I'm at the midnight Jet heading back to Post Clinton, fell asleep on the Jet and had to be woken up by one of the deck hands. Slept in the jet parking lot over night, and drove home Saturday morning.

Started party'in with my friends at 11 am on Saturday, all day long cook outs and parties, got up on Sunday and did it all over again, watched the Cavs win Sunday night and headed home around 1 am.

At work now, feeling like crap, on the bottom of some ones shoes!

Thanks for the party Paul, can't wait to see every one else real soon. If you can fill in the blanks I'd appreciate it, unless I did some thing totally stupid them PM me!
It happened at the bay, and man, I can't even remember her name!!!!!!!!!

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