Happy to remember X-mas in July!!!

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Happy to remember X-mas in July!!!

Postby redd » Wed Jul 26, 2006 5:34 pm

I will start by saying how pumped I to remember this trip!! I want to thank Carrie, Missy, Christie Debbie, Tazmania, Paul and my man Mills for filling in the few blanks I did have!!! AWESOME trip reports...This was my first Christmas in July, and it was to great to forget! From daytime pool-hopping and tearing up the dock on The Don's boat, to partying late night at Mr. Ed's and Fishbowl, I can honestly claim to have answered my calling to Put-In-Bay...If you are wondering what it takes to answer such a calling, here are some criteria:

One must be willing to withstand the stench of urine to achieve the perfect poolside tan.

One must conquer the any fear of flying from sea to banned(boat to dock in my case, I'm recovering fine thanks).

One must sacrifice their body as NFL linebackers do. Let no man or object stand in your way(golf cart in my case! I didn't really want to hurt you Taz, I promise :lol:).

One must take advantage of every possible opportunity of "alone time" (Taz, sorry buddy).

Last but not least, one must pump themself so full of alcohol and late night grub that you cannot remember your name(here's to you Mr. Beer Bong inventor and Mama Maria's chicken parmesan)!!

Well, that's my story... See you partiers soon- hopefully in August!!
May you be in heaven for 2 hours before the devil knows you're dead.

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