I love my boyz at 1701!!!!

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I love my boyz at 1701!!!!

Post by jlobe2112 » Mon Jun 27, 2005 8:59 am

Ok here's my shout out to all my boyz!!!!! I love you guys!!!

Here's the scoop on the trip... We were supposed to leave at 6 a.m. on Saturday to get our rears up to the Bay. Well, we didn't leave until 8 due to a drunken nightmare of a fest the night before. I only got one hour of sleep and I think I was pretty much drunk the first two hours of driving up. Made good timing considering it takes about 4 to get up there and we did it in about 3 hours and 45 minutes!! Not too bad for being drunk and hung over. LOL.

So we finally get onto the island and start looking for guys house. Well my lovely hubby gave me the wrong address. So we drove downtown to Mr. Eds where I found the rest of the guys. Brandon and Avery gave me the right address and so I went back to the house and dropped the car off!! Then headed back to Mr. Eds. Nice way to start off huh!! LOL.

Anyways, we hung out by the pool and then ate din at Frostys. Then headed back to the BEST HOUSE on the island to nap and get ready. Then we headed down to say hi to Cory (Moore4) on the A dock then off to Mr. Eds for the rest of the nite. Met a guy up there, Troy, thought was fun so hung out with him the most of the nite. Found out he was married. That was not so much fun. Then ran into Erik up there. Introduced me to his HOT HOT HOT friend and for some ungodly reason thought I was hot. I guess he was drunk! LOL. Then went to go to the bar with them downstairs but was stopped by my other boy Rootie. Was a great nite!!!

Was honored enough to be allowed to wait at Mr. Eds for our hosts to get off of work. Then headed back to the house where I thought I was going to piss in my pants because Amy was geekin' out. She couldn't stop laughing. Then Victor would make fun of all our laughs which made me laugh even harder. Good thing I didn't pee because my rear was facing Brandon!!! LOL. I don't think he wanted to get pissed on! LOL LOL.

So we finally all woke up on Sunday around noon and then off to eat and then to the ferry to go home.

I must tell you... these guys are the best in the whole world... I'm talking about Victor, Rootie, Brandon, Avery, and Tiny (Brian). LOL. I love you guys and thanks again for letting us stay. We'll be back Saturday morning!!! I hope you're ready for us. Oh, we have a surprise for you guys though!!! LOL. Tara won't be with us this weekend though. She's got some parties to attend here. See you soon. Love you guys!!!

Hey Vic, tell Tiny not to forget about Charlotte... He'll know what I mean!!!
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Tara, Amy and Trouble, oops I mean Jen

Post by Gonzo74 » Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:28 am

Ladies ladies, it was an honor to have 3 queens stay with us lol, ur welcome to stay anytime, i cant wait forthis weekend it should be alot of fun and i still want to know what the present is about?? holla back i gotta go to work.

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