MBI Christmas party Dec 13th-14th

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MBI Christmas party Dec 13th-14th

Post by Bryan » Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:47 am

Well it isn't PIB but its close enough! This trip started out kinda spur of the moment, I had already winterized the house the week before and wasn't planning on going back up till some time in January. But I had two small projects and I had nothing else going on.

So Saturday morning my daughter Leah and I headed to the airport with a car load of supplies. I pulled the plane out of its hanger and backed the car up to the plane to ease loading and as soon as I shut the car door I realised I locked the keys in the car...crap. Called a locksmith and 30 mins later we were on our way. Had a nice tail wind and made it to Middle Bass in just shy of an hour.

After landing my 14 year old was more than happy to walk to the house and drive the truck to the airport to pick me and the supplies up. We get to the house and start the heaters, turn the water on ect. After that I had her drive me to the post office to mail our Christmas cards, the general store is next to the post office and I noticed that Jerry's (the store owner) truck is there. Well I owed him money for some pop that I bought 2 weeks earlier and had ran out of checks. So after making good on my debt he asked me if I I was coming to the Christmas party...what party, didn't know anything about it!

So at 6 we show up at the town hall and had a great meal! While there I was telling Capt Stan about how I hauled up 30 feet of copper tubing for one of my projects, how I bought more than enough 90 and 45 degree fittings but some how forgot about buying straight fittings...DOH!! He said not to worry he had some at his house, so he hooked me up the next day with some fittings and I was able to finnish that project. Isn't island life great! I have GOT to figure out how I can live here full time!

With this plumbing project now done, I can drain my water heater in record time and there is no garden hose to mess with!

Sunday had some fierce winds! At altitude they were about 75 mph and we had to fly directly into them! It took us 3 hours (thats right...three!!) to get home!!

Well thats pretty much it in a nut shell!
It felt strange sitting on the left side of the car heading home from the airport after having my kid drive me everywhere for 2 days! :D

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