Halloweeen 2008

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Halloweeen 2008

Post by Mills » Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:38 pm

We left Cincy at 5:30 am on Saturday and caught the 9:30 am Miller ferry to Put-In-Bay and went straight to A dock to find Chuck and Don. Chuck's boat was empty so we got Don and headed to Frosty's for breakfast :lol: We ran into Chuck and his wife already at breakfast and the party was on!! After breakfast Katie and I hit the shops for some good sales on end of the season merchandise!!! In the meantime I tried to get ahold of Captain Stan for a ride to Middle Bass to meet Bryan and Jennifer. After a while it seemed like we might be stuck there with no way to Bryan's house until he called and said he would pick us up in his plane at the airport. The flight over to Middle Bass was absolutley AWESOME, neither Katie or I had been in a small plane before and the view was breathtaking :D After landing Bryan took us on a little tour of the island and stopped at JF Walleyes to pick up a case of beer as we were going to be working hard on hanging insulation at Bryan's new house :wink: Bryan's house has a sweet view of the golf course and the lake through his backyard!! Well needless to say after hanging insulation for a good hard 20-25 minutes we decided it was beer o' clock and called it a day 8)

Around 7:00 Bryan, Jennifer, Katie, and a wild man named Whitaker and his girl Lisa headed to the Bay on Captain Stan's boat. I have to say it was a nice ride despite the high wind and waves. We started on Chucks boat for a few margarita's and beers! Then it was to the Beer Barrel for the buffet and live music. Next it was on to Mr. Ed's to see our favorite bar owners, bar tenders, and bouncers!! Ed's was hopping like always and we had a great time! We then went back to see the Menu's at the Barrel and for Bryan and Jennifer to enter the costume contest, they were Amish people and darn good ones too!! Next we went back to ed's again for more drinks and dancing!! Toward the end of the night we decided to give Frosty's a try and it was a good time as usual! After that I believe we went back to Ed's but I cannot verify that :? To end the night we had to head back to Middle Bass around 1:00 since Captain Stan said the lake was getting very bad rough and bad :shock: When back on Middle Bass we hit JF Walleyes for a drink and to eat our Cameo pizza we had to take to go :P After that it was lights out....

Sunday Bryan and I went on a Middle Bass island tour. We walked all around the old Lonz winery and mansion as well as George Lonz's old personal boathouse close to the Miller ferry. Pretty cool experience and a little creepy to walk the grounds of the winery and mansion :D We also checked out the new marina and different parts of the island, I am definitely interested in seeing more of the island next time we are there. And next time maybe we will get a little work completed too LOL!! :lol:
Mills, from Cincinnati

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