Oct 4th-5th

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Oct 4th-5th

Post by Bryan » Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:06 am

What a fine weekend this turned out to be!

Jennifer opted to stay back in Indiana to catch up on things she had been puting off due to all the weekends spent over the last month and a half at the islands. So I flew to Middle Bass alone (I even called Mills to try to talk him into a free trip, but he had plans) and intended to finnish the gutter and downspout job leftover (due to not having enough parts) from last weekend. Wouldn't you know it, some how I was STILL short a section of downspout! Well I got it 95% done atleast! :lol: After the downspout ordeal, I'm so ready to get to the Bay! So I put the boat in the water and scoot over the unusually smooth Lake Erie surface at 45 mph. There is ample dock space but I rafted off of Chucks boat (Thanks Bud!!). After saying hi to Chuck and Katie I quickly found Don and Becky and surprised Don with a bunch of photos of the Thunderbird Formula boat plant that we took for him a week earlier (incase you dont know, Don owns a BEAUTIFUL 34 foot Formula boat). After hanging around the docks and watching Chuck and Katie's cat Tom roam around and board a few boats (mine included! :D ), we went to Tippers for supper. After supper we went to Frosty's and met a few friends of Becky's, (some creep kept hitting on one of them) after that is was the Round House and we ran into Becky's friends again, shortly after I notice Mr. Creep there! The friends went to the ferry a few minutes early to avoid the creep, good thing, because not long after the creep tries to pick a fight with some one and was quickly tossed out.
Don and Becky were'nt feeling well so they turned in early, some how I lost Chuck, so I went to the boat to see if he was there. Nope, no Chuck. Since I was right next to my boat and it was chilly, I turned the heater on full blast (more power argh argh!!) to warm up the cabin for later on. Then I get a call from Chuck, he's at the Rear-Barrel, after that we went to Mr Ed's then Cameos, then the Brewery. Maybe not in that order, but thats where I remember doing! :lol: Whatever time the Brewery closes was about the time we head back to the boats.
Remember the heater on full blast? Well talk about a sobering moment! In my drunken state I opened the door to the cabin and got hit with a blast of heat that mimmicked the coal boiler on an old steam locomotive! HOLY COW! I dove in and removed the screen to open the hatch and nearly got 2nd degree burns from the hot aluminum frame of the screen! :lol: With the hatch open and the heater (I guess I never considered the source of heat while slightly intoxicated!) still on full blast it seemed to regulate the interior temp pretty well, from the "face of the sun" down to "heat treating plant". :lol:
Regardless, I slept like a rock and got up somewhere around 9:30 am, Chuck, Katie and myself went to Frosty's to get breakfast. After that we said bye to Don and Becky, then we headed to Middle Bass. Katie rode with me (she helped me load my boat back on the trailer) and Chuck took the dingy. I gave them a little tour of Middle Bass, we said our good bye's and they took the dingy back to PIB.
I stayed at the house till about 7pm, then flew home. After the sun set, the flight home was absolutly tranquill, so smooth, so peacefull, and the ground was an "ocean of lights" with visibility over 25 miles. Cameras can never catch the beauty of the darkness on a night flight.

Well there is my trip report for what was one of the most enjoyable trips to the Bay!

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