New approach... July 7th and 8th

Post the dates or your visit to Put-in-Bay and meet new friends!

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New approach... July 7th and 8th

Post by Jagerman17 » Wed May 31, 2006 11:00 am

The BIG weekend in July ... the 7th and 8th? :?

So for the first year I am trying out a new approach. After this last memorial day debacle (and like was already talked about the island has been going this way for the last 5 years of being filled with "JV's" who like to fight, and MASS amounts of dudes) I figured I would not try to beat them, but to outsmart them.

So I have some very good friends coming up from Tampa (I used to live there) and they have never been to ohio or Cleveland, and I have preached to them about the bay and how it is comparable in some regards to the Keys and Sarasota - siesta key (where we used to frequent) so they will be in town here for like 8 days. But I figured to show them a good weekend, and to do what we are used to doing in Florida which was laid back beach music and happy fun people, the 4th was not the best time to go. Why would I want to show them what "trash" looks like and show them how "ohio's finest JV's" act and look like. They will never come back! LOL :D

So I am thinking that many of the "JV's" will be thinking the same thing as they always do for every big weekend .."lets go up to the island, there will be tons of girls there" and thus the island will be the same as it always is on the big weekend -- annoying. Angry idiots who cant handle their liquor.

Now if ya ask me, I would rather hang out in the rearB then have to deal with that .. well actually, those 2 atmospheres are pretty much the same! JUUUUST terrible.

So in an attempt to show the island in its tru light, we would go the weekend after in hoped that all the amatuers will be gone -- now I know while it willbe a busy weekend anyways, I have a hard time believing it will be the same as the 4th. Which as discussed, if it is anything like memorial day, I can do without!

So what ya think... good planning? I think so ...

P.S. Thanks again Mark! Great timing on the hotel room! :lol: 8)

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Post by Mills » Wed May 31, 2006 2:55 pm

That is one heck of an idea Jagerman! The weekend after the 4th of July will no doubt be crowded since it is the summer, yet there will be less of the idiots you described! That is actually one of the reasons I am going June 15th-18th, the weather will be nice, crowded but not with the JV'S!!
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Post by funboy2121 » Wed May 31, 2006 3:41 pm

This will be my 7th time going to the bay jager.I have not had a bad time ever. I have always gone on father's weekend (june 15th-18th). It started out with 6 of us, and now it is 12-14 of us.I hear all you guys talking about new years & other big dates, but to tell you the truth,I don't think I would want to come then, ever! It is always crowded on the weekend we go every year, and I can't imagine how it looks on the big weekends.I know i would have fun, but too crowded. Every year we talk the bay up so much to the new guys that join our group trip that they think it will be a letdown.Every virgin at the end of the trip can't thank us enough for asking them to go. there is always drunks on the island like you guys are talking about (jv's), but to be honest I have never seen a fight on the island yet, and I always tell the newbee's with me that everybody gets along with everybody on the island, and if you want to fight, DON'T COME! Hope it works out for ya jager!

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Post by Bullette » Wed May 31, 2006 4:43 pm

I dont' think I've ever seen a fight there either... Maybe once in a blue moon I heard about one while working... Man... I'm really itchin to get up there... where is Captain Matt when you need him>
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Post by kindy52 » Wed May 31, 2006 6:26 pm

Patience is definitely the way to go as far as how soon you get out there in the summer, to my recent experience. I do still love the crowds on Christmas, because it's the best party at the docks. I was up there about 8 times last year and that was really the only exceptionally crowded time.

Since the houseboat trip out west isn't happening this summer, I was considering spending the whole week up at PIB or dragging my boat 10 hrs out west (candita4 might understand why by now) for the Fourth of July week.

The only think I'm sure about at this time is Xmas because I have 6-8 who are definitely in that weekend. and that my future Memorial Day weekends will be spent at the Taste of Cincinnati.
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Post by candita4 » Wed May 31, 2006 6:56 pm

That is the way things used to be on the docks. Those were the good old days. The other real turn off on the docks was checking the I.D. of the children that showed up to party. Where are their mothers?

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