It's official...

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It's official...

Post by Bryan » Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:34 pm

Today we closed on an empty lot on Middle Bass Island. The contractor should be breaking ground in 2-3 weeks, all we have to do now is wait for the building permits.

The date was 11-8-03 when I flew the little Cessna I had at the time to a place called Put In Bay. Some pilots I knew had told me of it and how I should check it out some time.
So on that November afternoon myself and a friend flew up there and had lunch at the Skyway, never made it to downtown but that didn't matter...some thing clicked that day and I fell in love with PIB and the Lake Erie Islands. The more I went, the more I loved it and I knew that someday I'd have to live up there.
Thats how it all started.

South Bass property is out of reach at this point of my life, there is just no way I can afford it right now with two kids still in grade school. Property on Middle Bass was a little bit more affordable, the lot has sewer and city water so that saved a TON of money not having to dig a septic and put in a well.
It's not PIB, but we like it a lot. Everyone that we have met there is really nice, and our next door couldn't ask for any nicer people!!

Who's knows...maybe 10-15 years from now the value might increase and we be able to sell it and get a place on PIB, or we may just love it enough and retire right there on Middle Bass.

I wanted to share this earlier, but I wanted to wait till closing so I didn't jinx anything! :)
So thats the good news for today! :D

Here is a pic of the location...


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