Miller Ferry???

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Miller Ferry???

Postby Mister Kay » Fri May 26, 2006 9:42 am

I ahve a friend of a friend thinking about bringing his car over this weekend, anyone know how busy the ferry is for cars on Memorial Day weekend????

He is staying at the campground and wants someplace to lock his stuff up, is there anywhere else to lcok up stuff over there???

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Postby CincySteve38 » Fri May 26, 2006 10:58 am

I usually take the Miller ferry. As always, The earlier you get there the quicker it is. Before noon, you can drive right up to it. After 2 or 3pm, it gets kind of ugly. I don't think I've ever gotten there later than 3pm. And I think we waited about 45 minutes. No problem with a cooler. I've also camped there too. No place to lock things up, but I've never heard of any thefts. The only negative about the camp ground was the park nark. He was a big time jerk. Don't have any beer visable, and if you want to bring any friends up to the camp, you have to do it while he is on his camp tour. if your name isn't on the log, he wont let you in.

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Postby islander » Fri May 26, 2006 11:35 am

I would bet there will be a pretty good line and a long wait to the island, and that goes for the return as well. But they often run extra boats if it is super busy. I tell ya if I'm gonna take my car to the mainland on a Sunday/holiday I go in the later afternoon and the wait isn't so long. The mad rush is in the morning to mid dayish.
However when it is busy you have to prove where you are staying to bring your car to the island. He would have to call the State Park or the ticket booth to see how it is handled when camping.
There are lockers in the bathhouse and at the Depot. I do know that you can't leave stuff in the Bathhouse lockers over night, unless they have changed the rules. You can call the village docks, 419-285-2068 to see just what the deal is with them. Or if nobody answers try B-dock at 2076, either one can tell you. As for the Depot, I don't have a clue how it works.
Hope that helps.

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