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Post by candita4 » Tue Sep 27, 2005 3:19 pm

Bullette. You have to work hard in order to play hard.
So, have you earned the right to play hard?

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Post by Bullette » Tue Sep 27, 2005 3:30 pm

I'm getting there... it gets rough at the end of the year... i havne't worked as hard as I could've.... now that Everything is behind me, i'm ok to move on it! So I just hope I can keep on it!
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Post by mobay » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:49 am

I can't believe it is just me having trouble with the forums. The last few times I have logged in new posts have not been flagged, and really old ones have been marked as new and moved to the top. I guess it is okay since the season is winding down and there is less traffic but I feel lost :-(
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