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2018 My 1st Nature Camp for age 4-6

July 16-July 18, 2018


(2018 Event) 3 DAYS FOR 90 MIN. - GRP 1: 10:30 TO 12:00, GRP 2: 1:30 TO 3:00. Last year, on the first two days camp was at the Wildlife Center. Lester Peyton and Kate Zimmerman from the Black Swamp Bird Observatory came and did programs on owls and showed the kids different nest types. Our campers had the opportunity to touch the different nests and feel the different nesting materials birds use. On the third day of camp Ranger Kathy Holbrook hosted camp at Perry's Monument. She had a variety of activities for the kids so they could learn more about trees and the benefits they provide for us and wildlife. (2018 Event)

2018 Contact Information:
Name: Putinbay.com LLC
Address: 1490 Put-in-Bay Rd., Put-in-Bay, OH, 43456
Website URL: https://www.putinbay.com/

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Put-in-Bay Trivia: Along the lovely shores of South Bass Island (Put-in-Bay), five luxury hotels were built by 1888. One of the hotels, The Hotel Victory is referred to as a symbol of the peak of the lavish 1890’s. Being the biggest summer resort in the U.S. at the time, the Hotel Victory was operating 27 years prior to being ruined by a fire on August 14, 1919. Today, you can still see the remains of some of the foundation and its swimming pool at the South Bass Island State Park.