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The 2018 Put-in-Bay Entertainment Schedule

Welcome to the entertainment section of Putinbay.com

Put-in-Bay Ohio offers a wide variety of entertainment and great bands for the 2018 season. Select your favorite entertainer from the list below to review their scheduled appearance at Put-in-Bay along with the location of their performance.

Please note... these schedules are as reported to PutinBay.com and are subject to change. We attempt to update any changes as they are reported to us.

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Featured Entertainers

PictureBob Gatewood & the Calabash Band (Website) - You can catch Put-in-Bay's own Bob Gatewood around 100 times a summer, either with his band Calabash (Round House Bar, Beer Barrel) or as a solo artist (Fishbowl). His latest cd, "Be Good to Yourself" spawned a #1 and #2 song on Cleveland radio last Fall as well as topping the playlist on several local fm stations. His homegrown songs are recorded in Nashville with rock legends and they regularly win critical acclaim and awards. He is a masterful guitar player, has been dubbed a local legend by the Plain Dealer, and the mayor of Put-in-Bay even declared a day in his honor. You can hear his music and download it at bobgatewood.com

PictureMike "Mad Dog" Adams (Website) - Put-in-Bay's favorite pirate entertainer Mike "Mad Dog" Adams has been a Round House Bar island tradition since 1980! Performing throughout North America and the Caribbean, "Mad Dog" has opened concerts for a wide range of legendary performers, Johnny Cash, Alabama, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Daniels, Starship, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more. He has also appeared on Comedy Central, The Nashville Network, The Dr. Demento Show, Sunday Funnies, Nightshift and local television and radio shows throughout the U.S.

Mike "Mad Dog" Adams has recorded four albums of original music, "Me and Jim Beam" (1985), "Stuck on the Island" (1994), "Lake Affect" (2005), The Other Side of Hell (2007) and two comedy albums "Live at Laff-In" (1989) and "Live at the Funny Farm" (1999). He has also written and performed several radio commercials and is a featured fictional/nonfictional character in the Bob Adamov mystery action novel The Other Side of Hell.

Come see why Mike "Mad Dog" Adams legendary afternoon performances at The Round House Bar are so popular. In no time at all you'll be hoisting a refreshing beverage, singing, chanting a Ziggy Zaggy, and agreeing that, "Everyday Above Ground Is A Gooood Day!"

PicturePat Dailey - RETIRED!!! The Bard of The Bay, Singer/Songwriter Pat Dailey will be entertaining the faithful in new digs as he has moved his ever popular show to The Boat House on Put-in-Bay back in 2007 and he is playing there again this year. Fans will be delighted as they will get to see Pat in a more intimate up close and personal setting. He will play 7:00pm shows on Holiday weekends and every Saturday in July and August and through mid September.
The Boat House will serve dinner prior to Pat's shows,so come if you are hungry. The recently redecorated club is in a class by itself with a beautiful nautical theme and plenty of space to enjoy what has been called "The Best One Man Show in The Country". You can expect superior service and reasonably priced adult beverages on a regular basis.
The Jet Express, just a block north of The Boat House has guaranteed late night return service to the mainland in both Port Clinton and Sandusky for those not staying over night. RETIRED!!!

PictureRay Fogg Show (Website) - As heard on Sirus/XM Raw Dog, The Ray Fogg Show has been an island favorite for over 25 years. He performs almost every weekend at The Reel Bar or the Round House Bar. The Detroit News said Fogg "weaves music, comedy and heartfelt songs about island life into an entertaining show." The Daily Oakland Press described his show as ..."gut busting, adult humor." The Columbus Dispatch said he's "one of Put-in-Bay's most popular entertainers..." And Cleveland's Sun Papers said, "What attracts people to Fogg's shows is his ability to write, and better yet ad lib, edgy comical songs and anecdotes perfectly suited to a beer-drinking crowd."

All Entertainers and their Current Schedules

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Play Date
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Play TimeLocation

56 DaysFri, October 055:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
56 DaysSat, October 065:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Ben Dover & the ScreamersSun, October 219:00 PMThe Boathouse
BenderzFri, October 199:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
BenderzSat, October 209:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Brother Believe MeFri, October 059:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Brother Believe MeSat, October 069:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Captain Sweet ShoesFri, October 125:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Captain Sweet ShoesSat, October 135:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Dan StewartSat, October 132:00 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Dead StringsSun, September 309:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Dead StringsSun, October 149:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 284:00 PMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 2911:00 AMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, October 054:00 PMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, October 0611:00 AMPut-in-Bay Resort
Flowers for TacoFri, October 129:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Flowers for TacoSat, October 139:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Jamison CharlesSat, September 298:00 PMMojito Bay
Jamison CharlesSat, September 292:00 PMMojito Bay
Jamison CharlesSat, October 062:00 PMMojito Bay
Jamison CharlesSat, October 068:00 PMMojito Bay
Jamison CharlesSat, October 138:00 PMMojito Bay
Jamison CharlesSat, October 132:00 PMMojito Bay
John SalamonSat, September 298:30 PMThe Boathouse
John SalamonSun, September 308:30 PMThe Boathouse
John SalamonSat, October 138:30 PMThe Boathouse
John SalamonSun, October 148:30 PMThe Boathouse
John SalamonMon, October 158:30 PMThe Boathouse
Late Last NightFri, October 269:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Late Last NightSat, October 279:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 132:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, October 142:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 272:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike DrumFri, September 288:00 PMMojito Bay
Mike PapazianSat, October 062:00 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Moxie BlitzSat, October 062:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, September 297:30 PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, October 067:30 PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowFri, October 127:30 PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, October 137:30 PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSun, October 281:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Reese Dailey BandSun, October 079:00 PMThe Boathouse
Ryan & MichelleSun, October 079:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Ryan DunlapSat, September 292:00 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Shane & AllenSun, October 219:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
The Players ClubFri, September 289:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
The Players ClubSat, September 299:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
The Players ClubFri, October 129:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
The Players ClubSat, October 139:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
The Undercover BandFri, October 059:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
The Undercover BandSat, October 069:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
TwinpfunkSat, October 202:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
VenyxFri, October 199:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
VenyxSat, October 209:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
VenyxSat, October 275:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Wally & the BeavsFri, October 269:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Wally & the BeavsSat, October 279:30 PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Wild LamaFri, September 289:00 PMRoundhouse Bar
Wild LamaSat, September 299:00 PMRoundhouse Bar